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You need more than luck to succeed

You need more than luck to succeed

You need more than luck to succeed

Is a group of people with different specialties in the organization who strive for the same goal. Businesses are created to meet the needs of our customers. A set of activities to earn money and product value. If we want our business to always be sustainable, we should not underestimate the service to the people and the sales cycle. If, for example, I have a clothing store, I have to be a person whose customers are motivated to talk to me and do it from this mall. Businesses grow rapidly and fall on deaf ears. But it must be for every bit of business developmentHe tried tirelessly. This section goes a little towards marketing. Because marketing is part of the business debate, it means that business is not just about buying and selling goods and services. The more we discuss this, the more details we get. Business has many definitions: it means to market goods and services and to sell them.




Who is the entrepreneur:


A person who introduces new (no similar) or redesigned self-made businesses to the community and starts a new business.


What is entrepreneurship:

Starting a new business, innovating in creating new products and presenting it to the community.


Entrepreneur personality traits:


1. His boss and his employer to do what he has in mind.


۲. He prefers to decide for himself and bear the problems and difficulties.


3. Always sees the reflection of his performance.


4. They seek struggle and competition and take risks.


5. They are always looking for solutions to their problems and take quick steps to solve them and succeed with effective work.


6. They have complete self-confidence and, because of their high level of self-confidence, they are successful in their work, confident that if someone expects them, they can fulfill it.

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