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Branding makes you know your skills

Branding makes you know your skills

Branding makes you know your skills

A brand is a set of mental knots or functional, emotional, intellectual associations and benefits that occupy the mind of the target market. Associating the meanings of associating images and symbols with a brand or the benefits and advantages of a brand. These are the benefits of the brand that will be the basis of the decisions to buy it. A brand is something that the audience associates with its features and characteristics in the mind and heart of the audience by seeing, hearing, feeling or any connection with it conceptually, visually or verbally. The brand includes all the emotions, features and concepts that are tied to a name; A brand is the perception of people and individuals of a name.


In Persian, the word brand is usually used to refer to a product or service that has a high credit and social value. In other words, “brand” has a social nature, and powerful brands are those that people have a sense of ownership over, for example, “This brand is my favorite brand name.” Top letters can arouse the excitement and emotions of their consumers, and customers trust these letters and expect them to come up with superior ideas and innovate their products.



In this regard, the issue of brand loyalty is one of the most important issues for companies and companies are always looking for ways to gain and attract customer loyalty. One of the most important criteria of brand loyalty is the factor of reminding and restoring the brand with a specific product group, which provides the ground for customers to repurchase.

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